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After being involved in a car accident while driving for uber, RideShare LegalTeam helped settle my case for $186,000 in only 4 months! RideShare LegalTeam made my stressful situation into a major positive every step of the way ♥.

Janina C.

Uber Driver

RideShare LegalTeam immediately fixed my car after the accident, got me treated by the best medical doctors and then helped obtain a settlement big enough to buy a house afterwards. $1.2 million changed my family’s lives forever, and the best part is that the insurance companies paid for every expense! I’m team RideShare LegalTeam for life!!

Ryan S.

Uber/Lyft Driver

Accident  =  Call Us

Our legal team specializes in obtaining you the maximum compensation from auto accidents involving professional drivers.

Legal Solutions

Our expert injury attorneys will ensure your vehicle is repaired, contact all insurance companies, and get you  into medical treatment at Zero Cost to you.

Medical Solutions

We provide immediate access and treatment with medical providers who specialize in your exact type of injury, all at Zero Cost to you.


We all buy insurance policies so we can obtain the funds needed when specific situations arise. Auto and work insurance policies are ready to pay your every need at Zero Cost to you.


In a world full of mystery and chaos, our success is earning your trust and allowing us to protect your interests. We’re ready to serve you now- always at Zero Cost to you.

RideShare Accidents

are What We Do

At Zero Cost To You, our legal team will:

* deal with the insurance companies

* get your vehicle repaired

* obtain you a rental vehicle

* set up medical treatment

* submit a lost wage claim

* obtain a settlement advance

* recover the Maximum Compensation for your accident

Our main focus is always putting more money in your pocket than every other firm period, so contact us today!

How is this Zero Cost?

As a victim, your cost is Zero. Our lawyers and doctors will work on your case and collect payment directly from the at-fault parties- this is where your settlement comes from as well.

What is my case worth?

Case value is based on putting a number on your damages. Medical damages, vehicle damages, lost wages, and future needs all add up to a higher case value and settlement.

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(702) LEGAL-RS

(702) 53425-77

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Steps After an Accident:

Step 1: Contact 911

Not only will 911 provide medical assistance, but obtaining a report from the police on scene will place you in the strongest position for a seamless case and maximum financial compensation

Step 2: Call Us

Your case comes down to Liability, Coverage and Damages. Contact us now to build your perfect case and obtain you the maximum compensation!

Step 3: Get Well & Get Paid

Our service won’t be beat, so while you focus on getting better and back to work, we’ll take care of every else! Call us now and let us get started today!

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